Quality Assurance Officer

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  • Aug 31, 2017

Job Description

The Quality Assurance Officer provides the checks and balances to the sales operations. The Officer closely monitors the sales operations to ensure brand compliance and sales presentation integrity. The Officer explains contracts to potential members at time of purchase. With a series of scripted questions, the Officer analyzes each client for purchase comfort level and full disclosure by the sales representative. Based on this analysis, the Officer decides if that the purchase will be considered good business for the day or if the deal will be made good at a later date after certain contingencies have been met. The Officer provides on-site support for Diamond Resorts International owners and THE Club members. The Officer minimizes loss of sales revenue due to cancellations or later defaults by providing extensive support to new members in the early phases of ownership and establishing firm customer relationship bonds for continued customer loyalty. The Officer effects retention of sales volume on sales generated at sales centers and contributes towards net sales volume revenues while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and allegiance. The Officer is responsible for ensuring brand compliance with all materials presented to guests of the sales center. The Officer performs random inspections of all sales representatives pitchbook materials and removes & reports anything found not to be brand compliant. The Officer monitors select outside vendors to ensure brand compliance, sales presentation integrity, reports and discrepancies.


  • Closely analyze each purchase for comfort level and full disclosure.
  • Closely monitor the activities of the sales floor, their agents and managers.
  • Become an expert in THE Club & Interval International policies in regard to member/owner benefits and responsibilities.
  • Effectively and professionally represent Diamond Resorts International in telephone and face-to-face exchanges with owners/members.
  • Become an expert in Diamond Resorts International documentation to be able to completely explain details of contracts to potential owners.
  • Monitor all collateral material for brand compliance.
  • Monitor selected outside vendors for presentation integrity.
  • Communicate with Sales Managers and Sales Representatives.
  • Communicate with clients to retain sales.
  • Resolve customer and THE Club member complaints.
  • Responsible for complying with all policies and procedures.
  • Accountable for personally maintaining a net cancellation percentage on sales that meets or exceeds company standards.
  • Direct clerical personnel to assist in contract preparation and owner communication.
  • Provide superior customer service in accordance with the Company DRIven to Excellence standards.
  • Consistently practice and maintain the highest standards of professionalism when interacting with fellow team members, management, owners, members and prospects.
  • Operate office machinery (i.e., computer, copy machine, fax machine).
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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