Is Chick-Fil-A Drive-thru an Internet Job?

Social distancing done properly can allow the economy to stay alive during covid-type crisese while still practicing safely and social responsibility. In these photos:

  • Scanning my wife’s CFA app to redeem rewards
  • Credit card reader on a stick

The transaction goes from the workers’ device(s) through the Internet to the corporate and third party payment processors’ servers and then back again and to the store’s order readouts.  Though not exactly a work from home job, it does use the Internet, and is just a little bit “remote” 🙂 .

There is definitely some personal proximity going on, and it requires the providing and consuming parties to each act reasonably responsibly.  So, why was that same option and expectation not afforded to sit-down restaurants in order to keep the economy alive?  Hmmmm?

Trays could be delivered on carts, and payments could be processed with readers on “steeks”.

In another real world workplace example of “remote working”, Kroger’s self-checkout customer assistants now use a remote device to interact with the customer’s POS.  So instead of his having to walk over and touch the same screen that the customer is using, he can simply perform needed actions from his handheld device.

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